Garry Kasparov

Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov was born in 1963 at Baku, Ajerbaijan URSS. Russian chess Grandmaster and former Word champion, writer and political activist is considered by many analysts as the greatest chess player of all the times. His peak rating was 2851.

The Puzzler

The $10,000 Puzzler Hunt, Chess, and Thank You Notes

Can you solve mind-bending puzzles? Then you might win $10,000 from a contest, still active at the time I am writing this, that began May 3, 2022. The contest introduces a book which contains, among other puzzles, several chess puzzles. That book’s author, along with another author, deserve thank-you notes from me. More 🡢

The Queen's Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit and Critical Thinking

I first read The Queen’s Gambit when I was a teenage chess expert, a lesser prodigy than the book’s main character, Beth Harmon. I noticed that what happened to Beth had happened to me too. Like Beth, I had been told that “Girls don’t play chess.” More 🡢

world chess champions

Infographic: All World Chess Champions

We all know that Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion, but who was the first one? And when? Even less is known about women champions. You probably have heard about Susan Polgar, but who is the current woman chess champion? More 🡢

Chess Players in 2019

Infographic: Chess Players Titles and Ratings in 2019

Have you ever wondered just how many chess players are in the world? How many of them are women? And what’s with all the titles like chess master and international master? Who is the top chess player ever? More 🡢

diagram of Veselin Topalov vs. Garry Kasparov chess puzzle

Veselin Topalov vs. Garry Kasparov

A chess puzzle form a game in Moscow, 1994 between Veselin Topalov and Garry Kasparov. Topalov moves and wins in 4.

diagram of Kasparov Mates in 3 chess puzzle

Kasparov Mates in 3

This position is from Garry Kasparov vs Elmar Magerramov, USSR, 1982. Kasparov checkmated Elmar in 3 moves. Can you do that?