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Keep it real

We are truly blessed with a wonderful community and we are deeply thankful to our players who are overwhelmingly fair, civil and helpful.

We want you to have fun playing chess in multiplayer. We do not like – and won’t tolerate – cheaters, bullies or anyone who use obscene language. If you see any abusive behavior, please report it. Cheating will result in temporary bans and score adjustment. Repeat offenders will be banned from using the Chat or from appearing on the Leaderboards.

Whether you’re playing online with friends or challenging others to improve your chess skills, we want you to feel safe and to have fun.

Scoring system

SparkChess uses an Elo-based scoring system like the one used by chess federations. The scores cannot be directly compared to FIDE, USCF, etc. Elo. By design, we use different coefficients to make changes in scores more dynamic and to reward higher-ranked players who play with lower-ranked ones.

You can experiment with a score calculator here:

SparkChess Score Calculator

Read more about the way the score is calculated.