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Scoring systems

We’ve replaced the old score system with a new, Elo-based one. We’ll add an Elo calculator and more in-depth explanation soon; in the meantime you may use any Elo calculator online to get an idea how the score is computed (use K=20).

Keep it real

We like to have fun. We do not like cheaters. We don’t like bullies either. If you see any abusive behavior, please report it.

We monitor players’ stats. Abnormal progression may result in temporary bans and score adjustment.

User “XFransX” had the IP banned for 30 days and its account removed. Users “window” and “ajcrocky” have been banned for one day. Users “FelipeVII”, “SPAIN” and “SIMON”, all using the same IP, have been banned for 7 days and had their scores penalized. Other users from Spain are being watched, so behave well. Users who repent or think they’ve been unfairly banned can appeal.


  • The Leaderboards are updated hourly.
  • Only active players are included in the leaderboards. A player is considered active if they played within the last 30 days.
  • The Most Wins chart lists only players with at least 500 games.
  • The Top Countries chart uses a log scale and it’s best viewed in Chrome and Safari, followed by Firefox. Only players with at least one victory are included.


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