a game of chess everyone can enjoy!

SparkChess is a chess game designed for everyone – young and old, beginner to advanced.
SparkChess Premium gives you the extra edge you need to become a better chess player while having fun!

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Here are some of the highlights:

A real 3D view to control
And diagram, and fantasy, all in HD

SparkChess Premium has a real 3D board you can rotate, zoom and pan. Get a bird’s-eye view or jump right in the middle of the action.

The fantasy chess set will definitely catch your eye. We carefully modeled and then hand-painted the pieces to be easily recognizable and delightful. Children love it and so will you!

If you prefer a tactical view, we also have a simple and clean diagram mode.

The fixed board, intended for battery conservation and low-powered devices, is sharper and more detailed than the free version.

3D board view with rotate, zoom and pan

More opponents
Fast, challenging and fun

Two exclusive AI characters are here to help you improve your chess skills. Guru is best for advanced players who enjoy a real challenge in proving humans can still defeat the machines. If you’re looking for a lighter opponent, there’s Deon, recommended for players who are now past Cody’s basics but not ready to challenge Claire yet.

If you want ultimate control, there's Alyx, our very own SkyNet. You can endlessly fine-tune her strength and personality to make her the perfect opponent.

Blazingly-fast chess engine

First-class Multiplayer
You get the premium treatment

With SparkChess Premium, all the games you play in multiplayer are saved automatically and synced across devices. You get up-to-date stats to check on your progress and you can find and replay past games.

Chat as you play with your opponent, and don’t worry – you can easily block and report abusive players.

Create your own team! Manage members and get your own private play area.

Get the royal treatment with unlimited games, unconstrained score, priority access when the service is crowded. Your account won’t be removed if inactive for longer periods.

You have exclusive access to certain playing areas like the Premium Club and to more sophisticated time control.

Local multiplayer mode is another exclusive feature that allows two players to share one device, just like a real chessboard.

Edit & Replay
Make your own game

Pause, rewind or replay games using intuitive controls. It works even when watching a live multiplayer game! Your multiplayer games are available automatically.

Export your chess games in the standard PGN format for future reference. Import individual PGN games or entire databases of annotated games and play them, reading the comments (including advanced features). Add your own comments to any move. There are many free famous games online you can learn from.

Arrange pieces on the board just as you’d do with a real board with drag & drop. Copy the position as a simple text in FEN format. Import and play famous puzzles.

Lessons and Aids
Invaluable learning tools

To help you sharpen your chess skills, we’ve prepared 30 interactive chess lessons on a wide variety of topics, from basic rules to opening and endgame strategies. Over 70 puzzles of varying difficulties and 20 famous historical games will help you gain insight into the mindset of chess masters.

The innovative Coach mode tells you, in simple words, if a move you made was good or bad and - more importantly - it explains why. In addition, visual aids indicate the last move with an arrow and highlight pieces in danger or attack opportunities.

Quickly see who has control over the board and where the weak spots are. Gain insight on the current situation in plain English based on many factors to plan your strategy.

If you’re still stuck, just ask the computer to suggest a move for you!

These tools are available when playing against the computer. When you feel confident enough, put what you learned to good use by challenging others in multiplayer!

A summary of SparkChess Premium features:

Improved3D Fixed Board
HD (retina) Graphics
Fullscreen Mode
Improved3D Dynamic Board
Fantasy Set
Diagram view
Coach + Hints
NewAlyx AI character
NewAI fine-tuning
Deon AI character
Guru AI character
Interactive Chess Lessons
Chess Puzzles
NewFamous games with comments
Board Editor
Replay Tools
PGN Import
PGN Export
Board Analysis
Move Help
NewLocal Multiplayer
ImprovedCreate Teams
ImprovedStats & History
Export PGN
Spectator mode
Block players
Exclusive rooms
Unlimited score
Priority access
Unlimited daily games

What people are saying about SparkChess Premium:

Excellent software! Thank you, best looking 3d board, better than Fritz 12! Great work.


I bought my subscription to help my son learn to play (he is 6 years old) but I am also enjoying playing myself.

Rachel C.

Your chess board and pieces are the best by far (compared to any other program, including Fritz 12). Really amazing. Thank you so very very much for the work you've put into producing this program.

Sherwin S.

This is a great game for my boy, who is six years old.

Daniel C.

The payment was processed almost immediately and the download itself took only a few seconds. I look forward to trying out the features that are not available on the on-line version and thank you again for what promises to be an excellent companion for my insomniac nights!

Bob M.

SparkChess is a superbly presented and polished program and I will be getting the versions for other platforms also. I have many of the commercial and free chess programs for windows and also for android/apple devices, and just wanted to say that I think your program is excellent and is my new ‘go to’ favourite for a quick casual and fun game of chess. I think you have achieved your aim of making chess fun, accessible and entertaining for a wide audience.

Chris T.

I am an avid user of your SparkChess and feel it is the best chess on the Internet!

Adam T.

I have your awesome chess game already downloaded from the link in the automatic reply email that I have received immediately after my payment. I really enjoy your game!

Martina H.

Play chess anywhere, anytime, on any device

SparkChess is available on all major platforms
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