Alexander Alekhine

Alexander AlekhineAlexander Alekhine (1892-1946) was a Russian-French chess Grandmaster, one of the greatest chess players of all time and World Chess Champion.

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Greatest World Chess Champion of All Time?

How to judge which world chess champion is the greatest of all time? One might look at the number of years that the champion held the title, inflation-adjusted peak rating, dominance over peers, or abilities as a chess ambassador. Another criterion, adopted by this article, is how many different challengers has each world chess champion faced. More ūü°Ę


Clubs turn to online chess

The ChessClub¬†and Scholastic Center of¬†Atlantaclosed on March 11 because of the pandemic. Its founders, Karen Boyd and Grandmaster Ben Finegold, are streaming online and planning the club‚Äôs in-person re-opening. The Dallas Chess Club vacated its rented location in June. Its staff is running in-person chess tournaments at hotels. WIM Alexey Root tells how each club is dealing with the pandemic. More ūü°Ę

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Infographic: All World Chess Champions

We all know that Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion, but who was the first one? And when? Even less is known about women champions. You probably have heard about Susan Polgar, but who is the current woman chess champion? More ūü°Ę

diagram of Alexander Alekhine vs. Fahardo chess puzzle

Alexander Alekhine vs. Fahardo

Puzzle from a simul between Alexander Alekhine vs Fahardo, Montevideo, 1939. White to move and win in 2. Can you solve this chess puzzle online?

diagram of Alexander Alekhine vs. Samuil Weinstein chess puzzle

Alexander Alekhine vs. Samuil Weinstein

Do your best to solve online this chess puzzle from Alexander Alekhine vs Samuil Weinstein. White to move and win in 3.

diagram of Alexander Alekhine vs. Frieman chess puzzle

Alexander Alekhine vs. Frieman

This chess puzzle shows the challenge between Alexander Alekhine and Abraham Frieman, New York, 1924. Alekhine wins in 3 playing white.

diagram of Giese vs. Alexander Alekhine chess puzzle

Giese vs. Alexander Alekhine

Chess puzzle: Giese vs Alexander Alekhine, black to move and mate in 4.

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Mastering Chess – Lines and Focal Points: The Heart and Soul of a Combination

Alexander Alekhine is universally regarded as a great attacking genius, and one of the most creative players of all time. White offers a pawn in order to open up attacking lines around Black’s king. Black accepts the sacrifice less than half the time at high level play, because White gets very dangerous play in return for the pawn. More ūü°Ę