How to create a team

Teams are a great way to organize in multiplayer. Each team has its own Playing Area, so players no longer have to enter the crowded Main Playing Area. After logging in, team members choose to enter “My Team / visible to members only” from the top of list of Playing Areas and then they can see and invite other team members currently online and inside the same Team playing area.

In addition, the team administrator (owner) can set different time controls for games that take place inside the team’s playing area. By default, players have 60 seconds to move, but teams can have different rules (more on that later).


If you’re already a member or owner of a team, you must first leave it before joining or creating another one.

See the video guide below:

  1. From the initial Activity Window, choose Challenge, the Multiplayer.
  2. Log in with your multiplayer username and password.
  3. Enter a Playing Area from the selection window.
  4. Click/Tap on Teams.
  5. In the Teams Window, click/tap on Create.
  6. Fill in the desired team name and description. If your team has an official site or social media site, enter its address. You can also set the time controls for games that take place in your Team’s playing area. Read more about time control.
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