Playing chess online

Here are the most common questions about playing SparkChess on our website

Why do you show ads?

The tools used to build the game are rather expensive. On top of that, there is the hosting, bandwidth, SSL certificates, code signing certificates, that must be considered. At the time of writing, we have over two million monthly page views, consuming a total of 500 GB of bandwidth. We are using a CDN and a performance monitoring service to maintain the quality of service.

Is playing SparkChess online free?

Yes. Online play is free, although we display unobtrusive ads from Google. If you prefer not seeing the ads, you can download the standalone version of the game.

I see both SparkChess and flashCHESS mentioned. What’s the difference between them?

They are the same product. When we created the first game engine in 2002, we called it flashCHESS. Later, in 2008 the third generation of the engine, rewritten from scratch, took the web by storm and we wanted to keep the name due to its heritage, naming it flashCHESS III. Later, to prevent any trademark complaints from Adobe regarding the use of “Flash”, we decided to rename the game as SparkChess.

SparkChess 8 is our newest release.

SparkChess® is registered trademark.


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