How to Play Chess with a Team Mate

Playing chess with someone on your team is very easy. Obviously, both of you need to be online and logged in to play.

  • Log in to Multiplayer. Immediately after logging in, you’ll be presented with a list of Playing areas. Click/tap on “My Team” at the top of the list.
  • As you enter your Team’s playing area, you’ll see a list of teammates currently in the same area and available to play. Click/tap on any of them to invite him or her to play.
  • Have fun!

A few notes:

  • If you don’t see “My Team” at the top of the Playing Areas window, it means you’re not a member of any team. Maybe you left it or were removed.
  • If there are no players listed as available to play, there could be several reasons:
  • Check that players are not filtered out. Below the list there’s a “Showing players…” section. Make sure “All” is selected.
  • Make sure you and your buddies are in the same team. To verify, click on Account and then on My Team. Your team should be the same as your friends’.
  • If you verified the above but the list is still empty, it means that no one from your team is available. They could be busy playing or doing something else or simply not online.
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