What are the time controls for my team?

With SparkChess 14, we’ve added time control for teams. This means that when players choose your team as the current playing area, all games they play in your team’s playing area will be subject to the time controls you selected.

There are two kinds of time control:

  1. Time per move: this is simple and intuitive for new players. Players must make each move within the allocated time, expressed in seconds. So if you enter “60” in Time Control, players will have to make their move within 60 seconds.
  2. Total Time + Bonus time. This is how games work in tournaments. There is a total time allocated for each player (expressed in minutes) with an additional “bonus” time given after each move (expressed in seconds). So, a Time Control of “10/5″ means that each player starts with 10 minutes available for the game. They have to manage it – thinking too much on the first moves will leave not enough time for later ones! After each move, the bonus time is added. As an example, White starts with 10 minutes. White takes 30 seconds on the first move. For the second move, White will have 9’35” available (10 minutes – 30 seconds think time + 5 seconds bonus).