Downloading and installing the Full Version

Are you interested in downloading SparkChess for PC, Mac, Chrome or Android? Have you encountered any issue? Most users can download and start playing chess right away, but just in case you’re having some problems, check this section.

How do I install SparkChess on Mac OS?

On macs, SparkChess doesn’t need to be installed. When the download completes, Mac OS automatically decompresses the SparkChess zip file so all you need to do is to drag it from the Downloads folder to the desktop. Click here for a video.

My Antivirus Blocks SparkChess

SparkChess does not contain any form of malware, spyware, adware or anything harmful. It doesn’t interact with the system beyond loading & saving games and accessing the internet in multiplayer; the installer doesn’t do anything else besides copying files. Still, overzealous antiviruses may very rarely flag SparkChess and move it to quarantine. (Sometimes, antiviruses manage to actually label themselves as viruses.)

SparkChess 8 was briefly flagged by Norton Antivirus as ‘WS.Reputation1‘, which basically means a file not commonly downloaded (new release – duh!). We’ve worked with Symantec and whitelisted SparkChess 8. You should keep your virus definitions up-to-date so you don’t get false-positives.

If you are unsure about SparkChess for Windows, you can use the free service to upload and scan the installer. They scan with 57 different antivirus and antimalware programs – SparkChess is clean and virus-free.

If Norton Antivirus quarantined your download, please follow these instructions to restore it.


SparkChess for Chrome does not work correctly

Google is changing the way Chrome Apps work. A combination of Chrome bugs and application format changes left us unable to update SparkChess Full Version. The existing version will misbehave in future versions of Chrome.

Still, we want you to keep enjoying SparkChess. You can either migrate to the desktop version of SparkChess for either Windows or Mac OS X, or you can play SparkChess in any browser, just not as a Chrome app. Please contact us, letting us know which solution you’d prefer.

We’re really sorry for the inconveniences but we’re doing everything in our power to support you.

I want SparkChess for Chrome but I’m directed to purchase it for Windows

Given the number of operating systems and devices SparkChess is available on, we’re trying to find the best match for you automatically. If you are on PC or Mac, you’ll be directed to buy the native app for your platform. We do not have a Chrome app, but we do have a Premium Live version of SparkChess that works in any modern browser, including on mobile phones and tablets. Go to the SparkChess Premium Live site to sign up.

If you have already purchased SparkChess for Windows or Mac and want it exchanged with Premium Live, please contact us.

I purchased SparkChess but I still see the free version when I play

You’re probably launching the free version by mistake. Don’t worry, it happens.

Let’s review the possibilities:

  • if you purchased SparkChess for PC or Mac, you no longer need to play the game in your browser. You must locate the downloaded game and install it on your computer. Use CTRL/CMD+J from your browser to see the Download History and look for a file containing the word “sparkchess”, e.g. sparkchess9setup.exe on PC or on Mac.
  • If you subscribed to Premium Live to play in your browser, you no longer need to access – instead you must open the premium site at to login.
  • On Android, pay attention to the game icons. The free version has the word “LITE” on the bottom right of the icon; the full version does not. Launch the Full Version (you can safely delete the free version to save up space).

    SparkChess Icons - Full vs. Liote

    SparkChess Icons: Premium on the left, Lite on the right

How do I install SparkChess on Android?

The preferred installation method is through Google Play.

We used to offer the game directly through our site so the following applies only for those who bought SparkChess directly from us: Set your tablet/phone to accept installations from outside Google Play. Go to Settings → Applications and check the Unknown Sources option if it’s not already selected. Then you may download the SparkChess APK file either on a computer or directly on the Android device and tap on it to install.