How to login to Premium Live and Multiplayer

A small number of users may be confused about the distinction between logging in to the Premium Live service and logging in to multiplayer. Let’s bring some clarity:

All SparkChess players can access the Multiplayer to play chess with their friends. For this, they create an account and choose a username (nickname), email and password. The Username can be any combination of letters, and it’s case-sensitive. The email address is used just in case the user needs to recover their password.

Premium Live is a service that allows players to play the full version of SparkChess in browser, on any device, without installing an app on their computer, phone or tablet. Users have to create an account after payment is confirmed, with their email address and a password. Afterwards, players log in with these credentials.

Use this URL to log in to SparkChess Premium Live:

Therefore, Premium Live users who wish to play in multiplayer will need to log in twice: once to the Premium Live service and once to Multiplayer.

Here’s an illustrated guide:

So why aren’t these accounts linked? Well, it’s because some Premium Live users may have more than one Multiplayer account! Some players want to start over after a while with a different account. Having these logins separate gives players flexibility.

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