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What’s new in SparkChess 11

With SparkChess 11, we expanding the multiplayer features and we’re improving the overall user experience.

Track your progress

SparkChess multiplayer history and statistics

The games you play in multiplayer are saved automatically in the cloud and synced across devices. You can check your stats through the months and you can find games you’ve played in the past and replay them through the standard interface. You can export them locally as PGN. This is a tremendous feature to track your progress, see where things went wrong in a game or analyze your opponent to discover patterns and weaknesses.

Play and Chat

SparkChess multiplayer chat

We always envisioned SparkChess as a way to play online with your friends. This is one of the reasons we’re not performing automatic matchmaking, letting you filter and choose your opponents.

With SparkChess 11, we added a complete chat experience that lets you talk with your opponent while you play, a chat panel that can be docked away, with notifications and emoji support.

Ensuring a friendly playground

We’re blessed with a wonderful online community and we do our best to keep it this way. You can report any inappropriate chat messages with just one click (and yes, we do review the reports and take action). You can also block any abusive or annoying opponents and they will become invisible to you (you can unblock them if you change your mind).

More reliable

We removed a failover connection mode for multiplayer that enabled SparkChess to connect to the servers under bad circumstances as it proved to create synchronization issues. Now SparkChess connects only through the fast mode and also gives you more warnings if your connection is unreliable. It case you’re disconnected, SparkChess will try to reconnect to the game.

User experience improvements

We improved the interface and the overall user experience. SparkChess is now a bit more colorful, we improved the animations, added Tips for new players and more. Oh, and we finally added a way to flip the board in single-player mode or in watch/replay.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing SparkChess as much as we enjoyed building it! Your support for 11 years enables us to keep the development active.

What was introduced in SparkChess 10

SparkChess 10 has a new beautiful 3D board
Beautiful 3D Board

SparkChess 10 added the new dynamic 3D board and refined the fixed one as well.

We also introduced a new Watch/Observe mode in multiplayer and dramatically improved the AI in terms of both speed and strength.