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What’s new in SparkChess 15

Access our online Endgame Tablebase

This is huge and it’s been on our to-do list for years!

If you are unfamiliar with the term, tablebases are enormous databases that enable chess engines to play accurately in the endgame phase, when there are only a handful of pieces left on the board.

For most people, even professional chess players, downloading and installing these huge databases would be impractical, but SparkChess 15 can use our own cloud database and when there are 5 or fewer pieces left on the board, it can find the best move instantly! (Claire and above can use it and you can also use it via Help/Coach).

Perfect play and suggestions with endgame tablebases
Perfect play and suggestions with endgame tablebases

Learn and practice openings

Learn major chess openings (over 100 variations in total!) with Openings Explorer. Simply choose to practice against an AI opponent and select an opening from the dropdown. You’ll be shown arrows for moves that are part of the selected opening, allowing you to learn it quickly and to explore different variations.

Learn openings
Learn openings

Snapshot and 3D improvements

The 3D mode has been improved with more detailed models, better lighting, and a dynamic depth-of-field effect that has to be seen in full to be appreciated.

And with all these gorgeous visuals, we just had to add a snapshot feature so that you can save the board as an image.

Depth-of-field effect and Snapshot feature
Depth-of-field effect and Snapshot feature

And more!

  • Better AI: Opponents play openings more naturally, and are better at adapting their response to the player.
  • More languages: SparkChess is now available in 7 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Romanian. 
  • Team management: Admins can now lock their team to prevent people from sending join requests. You can now search/filter teams from the list to find the one you’re interested in.
  • Refinements: Interface and board improvements, such as better board lighting, modified chat window to better accommodate devices with on-screen keyboards, and others.
  • More: Many other improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing SparkChess as much as we enjoyed building it! Your support for 12 years enables us to keep the development active.

Features introduced in previous versions:

SparkChess 14 (2020)

  • Alyx – customizable AI.
  • Local multiplayer.
  • AI Engine improvements.
  • Lessons: Famous historical chess games.
  • Teams Time Controls.
  • Interface and board improvements.
Customizing Alyx
Customizing Alyx

SparkChess 12 (2019)

  • Coach mode explains – in plain language – why a move was good or not.
  • Fully-3D fantasy chess set.
  • Create and manage teams.
  • More lessons and puzzles
  • User experience improvements.
SparkChess 12
3D Fantasy chess set

SparkChess 11 (2018)

  • Cloud-synced History.
  • Multiplayer games statistics.
  • Redesigned chat experience.
  • Report & Block abusive players.
  • Improved multiplayer connection reliability.
  • Flip board.
  • User interface improvements.
SparkChess 11
Multiplayer statistics

SparkChess 10 (2017)

  • New AI engine with dramatically improved speed and strength.
  • Real 3D board that can be rotated, zoomed and panned.
  • Observer multiplayer mode.
SparkChess 10
3D board

SparkChess 9 (2016)

  • Completely rewritten, using more modern language and tools.
  • 4x AI speed improvement.
  • Redesigned interface.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Improved PGN import.
SparkChess 9
Diagram mode

SparkChess 8 (2015)

  • 4x Improvement on opening database for more varied play.
  • 50% faster engine.
  • Sound support.
  • 15 new chess lessons.
  • Separate multiplayer play areas with support for advanced time control.
  • New scoring mode.
SparkChess 8
Start screen

SparkChess 7 (2014)

  • New UI
  • New single-player difficulty level
  • Import/Export PGN files
  • Opponent filtering in multiplayer
  • Improved board analysis
SparkChess 7
Opponent filtering

SparkChess 6 (2012)

  • HD graphics for the board.
  • Fantasy chess set.
  • Facebook integration.
  • Multiplayer enhancements.
SparkChess 6
The fixed fantasy set

SparkChess 5 (2011)

  • Added multiplayer mode
SmarkChess 5
Connecting to multiplayer…

SparkChess 4 (2010)

  • Renamed from flashCHESS to SparkChess to avoid trademark issues.
  • Character-based difficulty levels.
  • Interface redesign.
  • Board redesign for improved contrast.
  • Added replay mode.
  • Multi Language feature.
SparkChess 4
The start screen

FlashCHESS 3 (2008)

  • Completely new online app.
  • 3D board design.
  • new, faster chess engine that observes all chess rules.
3D board

flashChess 1 & 2 (2002)

  • The very first online chess game.
Isometric board