Mate in 2 chess puzzles

Play and solve mate-in-two-moves chess puzzles. You’ll find solutions and historical details and you can play each puzzle live against the computer.

James Mason vs. Georg Marco

The game between James Mason (white) and Georg Marko, Leipzig 1894, ended with a spectacular victory in two for the black.

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Enrico Paoli vs. Jan Foltys

This is the end game between Italian International chess master Enrico Paoli and the Czech International chess master  Jan Foltys, Trencianske Teplice,1949.

Find the solution for back to win in 2.

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Milan Vidmar vs. Max Euwe

Spectacular end game between the Sloven Milan Vidmar and the Dutch Max Euwe. Milan, with white, will sacrifice a piece winning the game in two. This happened at Carlsbad tournament, 1929.  Try to find the solution to this puzzle.

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Wilhelm Steinitz vs. Albert Hodges

This puzzle is from a game in New York, 1887, between two well known chess masters, Wilhelm Steinitz and Albert Hodges.

Steinitz, with white, moves and wins in 2.

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Johannes Zukertort vs. Adolf Anderssen

This puzzle illustrate the end game between Johannes Zukertort vs. Adolf Anderssen, Breslau 1865.

Johannes Zukertort with white, moved and  won the game in 2.

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Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grigory Levenfish

This puzzle is the end game between two of the best Russian and Soviet chess masters.

Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grygory Levenfish, Moskow, 1927. Black to move and win in 2.

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