Chess puzzles for Black

Play and solve Black-to-move interactive chess puzzles. All puzzles have solutions and historical context. You can play each puzzle online against the computer.

James Mason vs. Georg Marco

The game between James Mason (white) and Georg Marko, Leipzig 1894, ended with a spectacular victory in two for the black.

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Alexander Meek vs. Paul Morphy

Dramatic end game at New Orleans, 1885. Alexander Beaufort Meek with whites was playing against Paul Morphy with the blacks. The puzzle illustrates the Morphy’s way to win in 4. Can you find this solution?

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Enrico Paoli vs. Jan Foltys

This is the end game between Italian International chess master Enrico Paoli and the Czech International chess master  Jan Foltys, Trencianske Teplice,1949.

Find the solution for back to win in 2.

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Paul Vaitonis vs. Reuben Fine

The end game Paul Vaitonis and Reuben Fine , Stockholm 1937 ended in a victory for Fine who won in 3 moves.

Can you find the Fine’s solution?

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Benhard Horvitz vs. Howard Staunton

The endgame between the German Bernhard Horvitz and the English chess player Howard StauntonLondon 1846.

Black moves and wins the game in 3.

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Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grigory Levenfish

This puzzle is the end game between two of the best Russian and Soviet chess masters.

Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grygory Levenfish, Moskow, 1927. Black to move and win in 2.

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