Siegbert Tarrash vs. Max Kurschner

This is the endgame between two strong German chess players, Siegbert Tarrash and Max Kurschner, Nurenberg 1893. With a surprising sacrifice, white won in two moves. Can you find Siegbert’s way?

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Qg6+ hxg6 2. Bxg6#

FEN: r2qk2r/pb4pp/1n2Pb2/2B2Q2/p1p5/2P5/2B2PPP/RN2R1K1 w - - 1 0

About the players

Siegbert TarraschSiegbert Tarrash (1862-1934) was one of the strongest German chess players and an influential chess teacher. A doctor by his medicine studies made in Halle he is also called Praeceptor Germanie due to his chess studies and articles and his brilliant activity as a chess player.

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    Dr. M. Sivuni at

    1. Qxh7, Rf8
    2. Qg6+, Rf7
    3. Qxf7++

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    Sudipto Shekhar at

    Where is the sacrifice in this move you suggested? Also, the description says 2 moves and a sacrifice, you are suggesting 3 moves!

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    Sphamandla at

    White will have to give a check with the queen 👑 and let the pawn ♟ take it then it a checkmate with the white bishop taking the pawn that took the pawn. Another way is through taking the castle 🏰 with the queen having started by sacrificing a white bishop

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