Siegbert Tarrasch vs. Max Kurschner

This is the endgame between two strong German chess players, Siegbert Tarrasch and Max Kurschner, in Nürnberg, 1893. With a surprising sacrifice, white won in two moves. Can you find Siegbert’s moves?

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Qg6+ hxg6 2. Bxg6#

FEN: r2qk2r/pb4pp/1n2Pb2/2B2Q2/p1p5/2P5/2B2PPP/RN2R1K1 w - - 1 0

About the players

Siegbert TarraschSiegbert Tarrasch (1862-1934) was one of the strongest German chess players and an influential chess teacher. A doctor who studied medicine in Halle, he's also called Praeceptor Germanie because of his chess studies and articles and his brilliant activity as a chess player.

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  1. Dr. M. Sivuni
    Dr. M. Sivuni at

    1. Qxh7, Rf8
    2. Qg6+, Rf7
    3. Qxf7++

  2. Sudipto Shekhar
    Sudipto Shekhar at

    Where is the sacrifice in this move you suggested? Also, the description says 2 moves and a sacrifice, you are suggesting 3 moves!

  3. Sphamandla
    Sphamandla at

    White will have to give a check with the queen ? and let the pawn ♟ take it then it a checkmate with the white bishop taking the pawn that took the pawn. Another way is through taking the castle ? with the queen having started by sacrificing a white bishop

  4. Michael
    Michael at

    The instructions were pretty clear. “With a surprising sacrifice, white won in two moves”. Doesn’t says “and”. Why don’t folks pay attention.

  5. marco
    marco at

    1.Qg6+ hxg6 ( sac the queen, black only move is take the queen with pawn
    2. Bxg6#



  7. dr. chessstrangelove
    dr. chessstrangelove at

    1. Qf5xh7 Qd8-d6
    2. Bc5xd6 Rh8xh7
    3. Bc2-g6+ Ke8-d8
    4. Bg6xh7 Bb7-d5
    5. Bh7-g8 Bd5-c6
    6. Re1-d1 Nb6-c8
    7. Bd6-c5+ Kd8-c7
    8. Nb1-d2 Nc8-b6
    9. Bg8-f7 Nb6-d5
    10. Nd2-e4 Nd5xc3
    11. Bc5-d6+ Kc7-b6
    12. Ne4xc3 Bf6xc3
    13. Ra1-b1+ Kb6-a6
    14. e6-e7 a4-a3
    15. Rd1-c1 Bc3-b2
    16. Rc1-c2 Bc6-e4
    17. Bf7xc4+ Ka6-a5
    18. Rb1xb2 a3xb2
    19. Rc2xb2 Be4-c6
    20. Bc4-f7 Bc6-e8
    21. Bf7xe8 Ra8xe8
    22. Bd6-c7+ Ka5-a4
    23. Rb2-e2 Ka4-b5
    24. Bc7-d8 Kb5-c6
    25. Re2-d2 a7-a6
    26. Rd2-a2 Kc6-b7
    27. Ra2-b2+ Kb7-a7
    28. f2-f4 Ka7-a8
    29. f4-f5 Re8-h8
    30. h2-h3 Rh8-g8
    31. g2-g4 Rg8-e8
    32. h3-h4 Ka8-a7
    33. g4-g5 Ka7-a8
    34. h4-h5 Re8-g8
    35. Kg1-f2 Rg8-h8
    36. f5-f6 g7xf6
    37. g5xf6 Rh8xh5
    38. e7-e8=Q Rh5-h2+
    39. Kf2-e3 Rh2xb2
    40. Qe8-c6+ Ka8-b8
    41. Bd8-c7+ Kb8-a7
    42. Qc6-c5+ Ka7-b7
    43. Qc5-d5+ Kb7xc7
    44. Qd5-e5+ Kc7-d7
    45. Qe5xb2 Kd7-e6
    46. Ke3-d3 Ke6-f7
    47. Kd3-c4 Kf7-g6
    48. Kc4-b4 a6-a5+
    49. Kb4xa5 Kg6-f7
    50. Qb2-e5 Kf7-g6
    51. Qe5-e7 Kg6-h5
    52. f6-f7 Kh5-g4
    53. f7-f8=Q Kg4-h3
    54. Qe7-g7 Kh3-h2
    55. Qf8-h8# well… I finally did it!

  8. Ram
    Ram at

    1. Qf5-g6+ h7xg6
    2. Bc2xg6#

  9. Mukundh Iyer
    Mukundh Iyer at

    1) Qg6+ hxg6
    2) Bxg6#


    Queen will sacrifice by taking black pawn before rook. Whether black rook take the queen or not, in second move white bishop wil check the black king by moving to f6.

  11. smetje
    smetje at

    No because black Qd6

  12. Reed Storic
    Reed Storic at

    the white queen takes black pawn in front of rook on the right side.

    black rook takes queen

    the white bishop moves up right next to the rook………..checkmate.
    the king had no move because the pawn in front of the king and the the other bishop has the king pin down …………………………….. checkmate.

    the white bishop play is to not take the rook………do you see it now?

    took me about five minutes to see it.

    i don’t speak chess moves . but i play pretty good……….

    my moves do solve the puzzle. 🙂

    if u don t see it keep looking it s there.

  13. Dildar Ali Chohan
    Dildar Ali Chohan at

    White wins in two moves
    1. Qg6+ hxg6
    2. Bxg6#

  14. dhanoj
    dhanoj at

    one is wat u guys told another one is Ra4+Na4+Ba4#

  15. Conrad Conero
    Conrad Conero at

    Things aren’t “Boden” well for Black. 🙂 White sacs the Q to mate next (1. Qg6+ hxg6 2. Bxh6#). Love your site!

  16. Zootropic
    Zootropic at

    1 Qg6 hxg6
    2 Bxg6#

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