Enrico Paoli vs. Jan Foltys

This is the end game between Italian International chess master Enrico Paoli and the Czech International chess master  Jan Foltys, Trencianske Teplice,1949.

Find the solution for back to win in 2.

Roll over to see the solution: 1... Bb5+ 2. Nc4 Rd2#

FEN: 8/2k2p2/2b3p1/P1p1Np2/1p3b2/1P1K4/5r2/R3R3 b - - 0 1

About the players

Enrico PaoliEnrico Paoli (1908-2005) was an Italian chess player who won the International Tournaments in Vienna in 1952 and Imperia in 1959. He was awarded the title of Honoris Causa in 1996 by FIDE.
Jan FoltisJan Foltis (1908-1952) was a Czech International chess master. During his short life he actively participated in numerous chess tournaments, competitions and Olympiads. His best results were achieved in Karlovy Vary in 1948.

4 Responses

  1. Soumitra
    Soumitra at

    1. Bb5 Nc4
    2. Rd2#

  2. Ram
    Ram at

    2. Ne5-c4 Rf2-d2#

  3. simail
    simail at

    also rd2+/kc4/rd4#

  4. smetje
    smetje at

    To simail:

    No Rd4#,
    after black Rd4 Kxc5.

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