James Mason vs. Georg Marco

The game between James Mason (white) and Georg Marko, Leipzig 1894, ended with a spectacular victory in two for the black.

Roll over to see the solution: 1... Rg1+ 2. Kxg1 Rxf1#

FEN: 6k1/pp4p1/2p5/2bp4/8/P5Pb/1P3rrP/2BRRN1K b - - 0 1

About the players

Georg MarcoGeorg Marco (1863-1923) was an Austrian chess player. He was born in Cernăuţi, Bucovina, which was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, then part or Romania and currently Ukraine. He was secretary of the Viennese Chess Association.

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James MasonJames Mason (1849-1923). Born in Ireland he was adopted by Mason family. They have moved in United States in 1861 where he has starting to learn chess. He wrote several popular books on chess like "The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice" or "The Art of Chess"

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  1. Dennis Boyer
    Dennis Boyer at

    Solution was simple and it surprised me. This is a good example of the being wary of chess’ mechanics.

  2. Agent47
    Agent47 at

    1 – Rg2-g1+ Kh1xg1
    2 – Rf2xf1#

  3. digvijay singh negi negi
    digvijay singh negi negi at

    1….R G1 was the beautiful idea/

  4. Ram
    Ram at

    2. Kh1xg1 Rf2xf1#

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