Chess puzzles for White

Play and solve White-to-move chess puzzles. All puzzles have solutions and historical context. You can play each puzzle online against the computer.

Edward Lasker vs. George Alan Thomas

Edward Lasker vs. sir George Alan Thomas, London, 1912. White to move and win in 7! In the real confrontation the mate comes after the 8th, spectacular, move.

rn3rk1/pbppq1pp/1p2pb2/4N2Q/3PN3/3B4/PPP2PPP/R3K2R w KQ - 7 11

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Ossip Bernstein vs. Alexander Kotov

Ossip Bernstein vs. Alexander Kotov, Groningen (Holland), 1946. This endgame illustrated as an online puzzle will show you how the anticipation combined with audacious sacrifices could result in a victory. White moves and wins in 3.

R6R/1r3pp1/4p1kp/3pP3/1r2qPP1/7P/1P1Q3K/8 w - - 1 0

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Paul Keres vs. Arturo Pomar Salamanca

A nice endgame between Estonian Paul Keres  and Spanish chess player Arturo Pomar Salamanca. With a sacrifice, Paul Keres gained a strong strategical position and won in four. This happened in Madrid tournament, 1943.

7R/r1p1q1pp/3k4/1p1n1Q2/3N4/8/1PP2PPP/2B3K1 w - - 1 0

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Milan Vidmar vs. Max Euwe

Spectacular end game between the Sloven Milan Vidmar and the Dutch Max Euwe. Milan, with white, will sacrifice a piece winning the game in two. This happened at Carlsbad tournament, 1929.  Try to find the solution to this puzzle.

6k1/5p2/1p5p/p4Np1/5q2/Q6P/PPr5/3R3K w - - 1 0

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Géza Maróczy vs. Heinrich Wolf

This online chess puzzle recreates the end of a chess game between two known chess players Géza Maróczy and Heinrich Wolf. The match took place at Berlin in 1899. White moves and wins in 3. Can you find the right solution?

2r5/2p2k1p/pqp1RB2/2r5/PbQ2N2/1P3PP1/2P3P1/4R2K w - - 1 0

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Wilhelm Steinitz vs. Albert Hodges

This puzzle is from a game in New York, 1887, between two well known chess masters, Wilhelm Steinitz and Albert Hodges.

Steinitz, with white, moves and wins in 2.

r1b2k1r/ppppq3/5N1p/4P2Q/4PP2/1B6/PP5P/n2K2R1 w - - 1 0

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