Hard Chess Puzzles

Play and solve advanced, hard, difficult and plain nasty chess puzzles for advanced chess players. You’ll find solutions and historical details and you can play each puzzle live against the computer.

Edward Lasker vs. George Alan Thomas

Edward Lasker vs. sir George Alan Thomas, London, 1912. White to move and win in 7! In the real confrontation the mate comes after the 8th, spectacular, move.

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Paul Keres vs. Arturo Pomar Salamanca

A nice endgame between Estonian Paul Keres  and Spanish chess player Arturo Pomar Salamanca. With a sacrifice, Paul Keres gained a strong strategical position and won in four. This happened in Madrid tournament, 1943.

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Alexander Meek vs. Paul Morphy

Dramatic end game at New Orleans, 1885. Alexander Beaufort Meek with whites was playing against Paul Morphy with the blacks. The puzzle illustrates the Morphy’s way to win in 4. Can you find this solution?

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Paul Morphy’s problem

This problem is attributed to Paul Morphy as being created at the age of nine.

It was first published on June 28, 1856 in “New York Clipper”

White to move and mate in 2.

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Veselin Topalov vs. Garry Kasparov

Puzzle from Veselin Topalov vs Garry Kasparov, Moscow, 1994

White moves and wins in 4.

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Paul Keres vs. Tigran Petrosian

Chess position from Paul Keres vs. Tigran V. Petrosian, Bled 1959

Black to move and win in 5.

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