Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grigory Levenfish

This puzzle is the end game between two of the best Russian and Soviet chess masters.

Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grygory Levenfish, Moskow, 1927. Black to move and win in 2.

FEN: rn2kb1r/ppp1pppp/8/8/4q3/3P1N1b/PPP1BPnP/RNBQ1K1R b kq - 0 1

Roll over to show the solution:
1... Nh4+ 2. Ke1 Nxf3#

About the players

Ilya Rabinovich (1891-1942) Russian/Soviet chess master and chess writer.
Grigory Levenfish (1889-1961) Polish born, Russian chess master. Recognized as an endgame specialist. Awarded as International Grandmaster by FIDE.

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    LEON DASS A at

    2.Kf1-g1 Qe4-g4#

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