Chess puzzles for White

Play and solve White-to-move chess puzzles. All puzzles have solutions and historical context. You can play each puzzle online against the computer.

Johannes Zukertort vs. Adolf Anderssen

This puzzle illustrate the end game between Johannes Zukertort vs. Adolf Anderssen, Breslau 1865.

Johannes Zukertort with white, moved and  won the game in 2.

r1b2k1r/ppp1bppp/8/1B1Q4/5q2/2P5/PPP2PPP/R3R1K1 w - - 1 0

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William Evans vs. Alexander MacDonnell

This is the endgame between captain William Evans and Alexander MacDonnell played at London in 1826.

White to move and win in 3.

r3k2r/ppp2Npp/1b5n/4p2b/2B1P2q/BQP2P2/P5PP/RN5K w kq - 1 0

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Paul Morphy’s problem

This problem is attributed to Paul Morphy as being created at the age of nine.

It was first published on June 28, 1856 in “New York Clipper”

White to move and mate in 2.

kbK5/pp6/1P6/8/8/8/8/R7 w - -

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Emanuel Lasker vs. Frank Marshall

Chess puzzle from Emanuel Lasker vs Frank Marshall, St Petersburg, 1914.

White to move and mate in 3.

1k1r4/3b1p2/QP1b3p/1p1p4/3P2pN/1R4P1/KPPq1PP1/4r2R w - - 1 0

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Corina-Isabela Peptan vs. Vlasta Macek

This puzzle is from Corina-Isabela Peptan vs Vlasta Macek, Moscow, 1994.

White to move and win in 3.

7k/1p4R1/3bp2p/3p3N/p2P4/4NQPP/PP5K/2r1q3 w - - 1 0

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Isaías Pleci vs. Lucius Endzelins

Chess puzzle from the game between Isaías Pleci and Lucius Endzelins in Buenos Aires, 1939.

White to move and win in 2.

r4R2/1b2n1pp/p2Np1k1/1pn5/4pP1P/8/PPP1B1P1/2K4R w - - 1 0

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