Paul Keres vs. Arturo Pomar Salamanca

A nice endgame between Estonian Paul Keres  and Spanish chess player Arturo Pomar Salamanca. With a sacrifice, Paul Keres gained a strong strategical position and won in four. This happened in Madrid tournament, 1943.

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Rd8+ Qxd8 2. Qe6+ Kc5 3. Nb3+ Kb4 4. Qe4#

FEN: 7R/r1p1q1pp/3k4/1p1n1Q2/3N4/8/1PP2PPP/2B3K1 w - - 1 0

About the players

Arturo Pomar SalamancaArturo Pomar Salamanca (1931-2016) was a Spanish chess player, the first one to be awarded with the title of grandmaster. He was national champion 7 times. Hailed as chess prodigy he was a disciple of  World Champion Alexander Alekhine.

Paul KerePaul Keres (1916-1975) was an Estonian chess writer and chess grandmaster, one of the strongest chess player between 1930 and 1960.

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6 Responses

  1. Harry
    Harry at

    Be careful when you go for the bait, there just might be a hook in it.

  2. Basir
    Basir at

    1. Rd8+ Qxd8 2. Qe6+ Kc5 3. Nb3+ Kb4 4. Bd2# Nc3 5.Bxc3 Ka4 6.Nc5# or
    2. Rd8+ Qxd8 2. Qe6+ Kc5 3. Nb3+ Kb4 4.Qe4#

  3. nouri
    nouri at

    1. Rh8-d8+ Qe7xd8
    2. Qf5-e6+ Kd6-c5
    3. Nd4-b3+ Kc5-b4
    4. Qe6-e4#

  4. Jacob R
    Jacob R at

    It’s not actually bait, regardless of whether he takes the rook or not, white wins. There’s no entrapment, more of a forced win

  5. Harry
    Harry at

    Yes, I see it now. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

  6. muse
    muse at

    1. g2-g3 Ra7-a1
    2. Kg1-g2 Ra1xc1
    3. Rh8-d8+ Qe7-d7
    4. Qf5xd7+ Kd6-e5
    5. Qd7xd5+ Ke5-f6
    6. Nd4xb5 Rc1-e1
    7. Nb5xc7 g7-g5
    8. Rd8-h8 Kf6-g6
    9. h2-h4 Re1-e2
    10. h4xg5 Kg6-h5
    11. Kg2-h3 Re2xc2
    12. Qd5-f3+ Kh5xg5
    13. Rh8xh7 Rc2xc7
    14. Rh7-h8 Kg5-g6
    15. Qf3-e4+ Kg6-g5
    16. Rh8-g8+ Kg5-f6
    17. Qe4-d4+ Kf6-f5
    18. g3-g4+ Kf5-e6
    19. Rg8-e8+ Ke6-f7
    20. Qd4-e5 Rc7-b7
    21. g4-g5 Kf7-g6
    22. Re8-g8+ Rb7-g7
    23. Rg8xg7+ Kg6-h5
    24. g5-g6+ Kh5-h6
    25. Kh3-h4

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