Ossip Bernstein vs. Alexander Kotov

Ossip Bernstein vs. Alexander Kotov, Groningen (Holland), 1946. This endgame illustrated as an online puzzle will show you how the anticipation combined with audacious sacrifices could result in a victory. White moves and wins in 3.

FEN: R6R/1r3pp1/4p1kp/3pP3/1r2qPP1/7P/1P1Q3K/8 w - - 1 0

Roll over to show the solution:
1. f5+ exf5 2. Qxh6+ gxh6 3. Rag8#

About the chess players

Ossip Bernstein100x100Ossip Bernstein (18887-1962) was a Russian-French chess grandmaster and financial  lawyer. In 1950 he was awarded with International master title.    
Alexander Kotov100x100Alexander Kotov (1913-1981) was a well known Soviet writer on chess subjects and a chess master. He won one the title of Soviet Union chess championship.
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