Johannes Zukertort vs. William Norwood Potter

Johannes Zukertort, with white, to move and defeat William Potter in 3. London, 1875.

Roll over to see the solution: 1. Be5+ Kc5 2. Rc1+ Bc4 3. b4#

FEN: 3r4/pR2N3/2pkb3/5p2/8/2B5/qP3PPP/4R1K1 w - - 1 0

About the players

Johannes ZukertortJohannes Zukertort (1824-1888) German-Polish chess master. He has a wide range of accomplishments as a soldier, musician, linguist, and political activist.

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William Norwoord PotterWilliam Norwood Potter (1840-1895), English chess master and appreciated writer, chess columnist at Westminster Papers, City of London Chess Magazine and others.

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