Edward Lasker vs. George Alan Thomas

Edward Lasker vs. sir George Alan Thomas, London, 1912. White to move and win in 7! In the real confrontation the mate comes after the 8th, spectacular, move.

FEN: rn3rk1/pbppq1pp/1p2pb2/4N2Q/3PN3/3B4/PPP2PPP/R3K2R w KQ - 7 11

Roll over to show the solution:
1. Qxh7+ Kxh7 2. Nxf6+ Kh6 3. Neg4+ Kg5 4. f4+ Kh4 5. g3+ Kh3 6. Bf1+ Bg2 7. Nf2# or 1. Qxh7+ Kxh7 2. Nxf6+ Kh6 3. Neg4+ Kg5 4. h4+ Kf4 5. g3+ Kf3 6. Be2+ Kg2 7. Rh2+ Kg1 8. O-O-O#

About the chess players

Edward Lasker100x100Edward Lasker (1885-1981), engineer by profession, he was a German - American chess and Go player. He was distantly related with World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941).
George AlanThomas100x100Sir George Alan Thomas (1881-1972), 7th baronet. British badminton, tennis and chess player. He won twice the British Chess Championship.

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    Dwayne Burnett at

    I solved this puzzle in 7 moves : Qh5xh7+ Kg8xh7
    2. Ne4xf6+ Kh7-h6
    3. Ne5-g4+ Kh6-g5
    4. f2-f4+ Kg5-h4
    5. g2-g3+ Kh4-h3
    6. Bd3-f1+ Bb7-g2
    7. Ng4-f2#

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    JSR Vermeulen at

    slecht vertalen doet het hierzo,,,nog eens een gemiste kans,,,dus nu weet ik het ECHT ZEKER,,,,,IK KOOP HET DUS NIET!!!!!!!!!!

    afz;jsr vermeulen uit Denhaag.

  3. Avatar
    Obrien at

    I found two move win, Qf7 KingH8 Ng6

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