Alexander Meek vs. Paul Morphy

Dramatic end game at New Orleans, 1885. Alexander Beaufort Meek with whites was playing against Paul Morphy with the blacks. The puzzle illustrates the Morphy’s way to win in 4. Can you find this solution?

FEN: Q7/p1p1q1pk/3p2rp/4n3/3bP3/7b/PP3PPK/R1B2R2 b - - 0 1

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1... Bxg2 2. Qh8+ Kxh8 3. Bg5 Qxg5 4. Rfe1 Nf3#

About the players

Alexander Meek100x100 Alexander Beaufort Meek (1814-1865) was a prominent American politician, writer, poet, layer, judge and chess player.    
Paul Morphy Chessboard100x100Paul Charles Morphy (1837-1884) American chess player, considered the greatest of his time and unofficial World Chess Champion. Bobby Fischer ranked him among the 10th best chess players of all times, "The Pride and Sorrow of  Chess".

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    Andreas at

    2. g2-g3 Ne5-f3+
    3. Kh2-h1 Rg6xg3
    4. f2xg3 Qh4xg3
    5. Qa8-g8+ Kh7xg8
    6. Rf1-d1 Qg3-g2#

  2. Avatar
    naidji nouri at

    1. Rh8-d8+ Qe7xd8
    2. Qf5-e6+ Kd6-c5
    3. Nd4-b3+ Kc5-b4
    4. Qe6-e4#

  3. Avatar
    Younes at

    1. ……..,Bh3xg2
    2. Bc1-g5 Qe7xg5
    3. Qa8-f8 Qg5-h4+
    4. Kh2-g1 Bg2-f3#

  4. Avatar
    chessenefrega at

    1. ……..,Bh3xg2
    2. Bc1-g5 Qe7xg5
    3. Qa8-f8 Qg5-h4+
    4. Kh2-g1 Bg2-f3#
    it’s ok

    but instead 3. Qa8-f8: 3. Qa8-h8+ (or g8+) Kxh8 (or Kxg8)
    4. f2-f4 (if 4. … Nf3+ 5. Rxf3)
    4. … Qg5-h4+
    5. Kh2-g1 Bg2-f3#
    Mate in 5 moves and not 4!

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