Dawid Przepiorka vs Erich Eliskases

The game between Dawid Przepiorka, representing Poland and Erich Eliskases, an Austrian born chess player took place in Hamburg, Germany, 1930.

Roll over to see the solution: 1... Qg6+ 2. Kg4 Qf5+ 3. Kh5 Qh3#

FEN: 2r3k1/p4p2/3Rp2p/1p2P1pK/8/1P4P1/P3Q2P/1q6 b - - 0 1

About the players

Dawid Przepiórka (1880-1940) was born in 1880 in Warsaw, Poland, to a wealthy family. Despite family's possibilities, he preferred to pursue his dreams to study mathematics and chess. He started to play chess at seven. In 1930 he was part of the Polish team at the 3rd Chess Olympiad in Hamburg, where he won the gold medal in a team with Akiba Rubinstein, Savielly Tartakower.
Erich Gottlieb Eliskases (1913-1997) was a chess player who was granted the title of GrandMaster in 1952. He was known as a strong correspondence chess player and an expert in end games. He defeated  Capablanca and Bobby Fischer.

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  1. J Avishka Priyakantha
    J Avishka Priyakantha at

    W B
    Qg6+ Kg4
    Qf5+ Kh5

    White 1-0 black

  2. J Avishka Priyakantha
    J Avishka Priyakantha at

    Sorry black win

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