Paul Keres vs. Tigran V.Petrosian

Paul Keres vs. Tigran V. Petrosian, Bled 1959

Black to move and win in 5.

FEN: 6k1/3b3r/1p1p4/p1n2p2/1PPNpP1q/P3Q1p1/1R1RB1P1/5K2 b - - 0-1

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1....Qxf4 Bf3 2.Qxe3 Bh5 3.Rxh5 Kf3 4.Rh1 Kg1 5.Rxg1 #

About the players

Paul KeresPaul Keres (1916-1975 ) was a prominent Estonian Chess Grand Master and theoretician. He missed five times the title of Word Chess Champion. Peak Ranking: 2615
Tigran V. Petrosian Tigran V. Petrosian, the Armenian Chess Master and Word Chess Champion (1966-1969), was born in 1929. He died in 1984. Peak Ranking: 2645

5 Responses

  1. Saurabh
    Saurabh at

    1. Qh4xf4 Be2-f3
    2. Qf4xe3 Bf3-h5
    3. Rh7xh5 Nd4-f3
    4. Nc5-d3 Rb2-c2
    5. Rh5-h1 Nf3-g1
    6. Rh1xg1

  2. chayan agrawal
    chayan agrawal at

    1. Qh4xf4 Be2-f3
    2. Qf4xe3 Bf3-h5
    3. Rh7xh5 Nd4-f3
    4. Rh5-h1 Nf3-g1
    5. Rh1xg1

  3. J
    J at

    After black opens the puzzle with Qh4xf4, why does white not play Qe3xf4 to counter?

    1. bubu
      bubu at

      Rh7-H1 mate

  4. pro chess player
    pro chess player at

    1. Qh4xf4+
    2. Be2-f3 Qf4xe3
    3. Bf3-h5 Rh7xh5
    4. Nd4-f3 e4xf3
    5. g2xf3 Qe3xf3+
    6. Kf1-g1 Rh5-h1#

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