Chess Puzzles

Want to get better at chess, improve your concentration and  learn some tricks? Here’s a collection of hand-picked chess puzzles just for that. Most of the positions occurred during famous games between Grandmasters.

Click on the “Play now” link or on the puzzle image to play and solve the puzzle online, or click on the Solution link for details about the puzzle and the players. From there you can select a FEN string and, if you have the full version of SparkChess, you can paste it in the Board Editor to play from that position. All puzzles have solutions (hidden by default). Don’t forget to comment if you found an alternate (or better) solution!

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Paul Keres vs. Arturo Pomar Salamanca

With a sacrifice trap Paul Keres has developed a strategical position that allowed a clear win against

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Alexander Meek vs. Paul Morphy

An amazing chess endgame between Alexander Meek versus Paul Morphy. Morphy with the blacks proves his chess abilities and intuition

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Enrico Paoli vs. Jan Foltys

The battle between two chess masters will end in a position exploited by the black.

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Milan Vidmar vs. Max Euwe

It happened at Carlsbad in 1929. The game between Grandmaster Milan Vidmar and Grandmaster Max Euwe has ended with an unexpected sacrifice. Can you find Vidmars’ solution?

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Paul Vaitonis vs. Reuben Fine

The end game Paul Vaitonis and Reuben Fine , Stockholm 1937 ended in a victory for Fine who won in 3 moves.

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Géza Maróczy vs. Heinrich Wolf

An endgame between two chess masters having two different playing styles, Géza Maróczy with his defensive style and Heinrich Wolf with an aggresive one.

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