Géza Maróczy vs. Heinrich Wolf

This online chess puzzle recreates the end of a chess game between two known chess players Géza Maróczy and Heinrich Wolf. The match took place at Berlin in 1899. White moves and wins in 3. Can you find the right solution?

FEN: 2r5/2p2k1p/pqp1RB2/2r5/PbQ2N2/1P3PP1/2P3P1/4R2K w - - 1 0

Roll over to show the solution:
1. Re7+ Kxf6 2. Qe6+ Kg5 3. Rg7#

Maróczy Géza100x100-2Géza Maróczy (1875-1943) was a Hungarian practicing engineer and chess master, one of the best chess players of his times. Known for a very defensive style.

Heinrich-Wolf100x100Heinrich Wolf (1870-1951) Austrian chess master with active participation in tournaments and an impressive figure in championships.

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