Isaías Pleci vs. Lucius Endzelins

Chess puzzle from the game between Isaías Pleci and Lucius Endzelins in Buenos Aires, 1939.

White to move and win in 2.

Roll over to see the solution: 1. h5+ Kh6 2. Nf7#

FEN: r4R2/1b2n1pp/p2Np1k1/1pn5/4pP1P/8/PPP1B1P1/2K4R w - - 1 0

4 Responses

  1. Fareez
    Fareez at

    1. h5+ Kh6 2. Nf7#

  2. edd
    edd at

    1. h4-h5+ Kg6-h6 2. Nd6-f7#

  3. Sb
    Sb at

    Pawn to h6 and knight to f7

  4. Farzad
    Farzad at

    the answer is :
    h4-h5+ Kg6-h6

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