Chess Puzzles

Want to get better at chess, improve your concentration and  learn some tricks? Here’s a collection of hand-picked chess puzzles just for that. Most of the positions occurred during famous games between Grandmasters.

Click on the “Play now” link or on the puzzle image to play and solve the puzzle online, or click on the Solution link for details about the puzzle and the players. From there you can select a FEN string and, if you have the full version of SparkChess, you can paste it in the Board Editor to play from that position. All puzzles have solutions (hidden by default). Don’t forget to comment if you found an alternate (or better) solution!

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Wilhelm Steinitz vs. Albert Hodges

Play this on line puzzle which illustrate the position strategy adopted by Wilhelm Steinitz against Hodges. He has sacrificed his Queen but won the game.

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Johannes Zukertort vs. Adolf Anderssen

Play this online puzzle to see how the chess game between two chess masters of the19th century has ended.This is one more step to sharpen your mind.

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William Evans vs. Alexander MacDonnell

Solve this chess puzzle to sharp your mind and learn more playing online this end game.

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Benhard Horvitz vs. Howard Staunton

Improve your chess skills solving online the end game between Bernhard Howitz, a fine analyst of the endgames and Howard Staunton, an adept of positional play.

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Ilya Rabinovich vs. Grigory Levenfish

Play online this chess puzzle, the end game between two well known Russian grandmasters, Ilya Rabinovich and Grigory Levenfish, Moscow 1927.

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Adolf Anderssen vs. Ernst Karl Falkbeer

White to move and win in 3. Can you solve online this puzzle from 1851 between Adolf Anderssen and Ernst Karl Falkbeer?

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