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Paul Morphy vs. Duke of Brunswick

Paul Morphy vs. Duke of Brunswick & Count Isouard, Paris,1858

The game took place at the Paris Opera, during a show with Norma by Vicenzo Bellini.

White to move and win in 2.

4kb1r/p2n1ppp/4q3/4p1B1/4P3/1Q6/PPP2PPP/2KR4 w k - 1 0

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Paul Keres vs. Tigran V.Petrosian

Paul Keres vs. Tigran V. Petrosian, Bled 1959

Black to move and win in 5.

6k1/3b3r/1p1p4/p1n2p2/1PPNpP1q/P3Q1p1/1R1RB1P1/5K2 b - - 0-1

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Thacker vs Robert Fischer

Thacker vs Robert Fischer, USA, 1957 – a beautiful example of underpromotion.

2r2r2/6kp/3p4/3P4/4Pp2/5P1P/PP1pq1P1/4R2K b - - 0 1

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Donald Byrne vs Robert Fischer

Donald Byrne vs Robert Fischer, New York, 1956

Black mates in 3

1Q6/5pk1/2p3p1/1p2N2p/1b5P/1b4n1/r5P1/2K5 b - - 0 1

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Karl Gilg vs Aaron Nimzowitsch

Karl Gilg vs Aaron Nimzowitsch, Semmering tournament, 1926. Black wins in 3.

4rrk1/pppb4/7p/3P2pq/3Q4/2P3P1/PP3nKP/R3RNN1 b - - 0 1

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Pulitzer vs George Marco

White Mates in 2. Pulitzer vs George Marco, Vienna, 1900

Romantic Chess.

r2k2nr/pp1b1Q1p/2n4b/3N4/3q4/3P4/PPP3PP/4RR1K w - - 0 1

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