Adolf Anderssen vs. Ernst Karl Falkbeer

This puzzle is from a game of Adolf Anderssen vs Ernst Karl Falkbeer, Berlin, 1851

White to move and win in 3.

FEN: 8/2p3N1/6p1/5PB1/pp2Rn2/7k/P1p2K1P/3r4 w - - 1 0

Roll over to show the solution:
1. Re3+ Kxh2 2. Bxf4+ Kh1 3. Rh3#

About the players

Adolf Anderssen (1818-1879) German chess player and one the world's famous chess players of his time. Well known for his brilliant sacrificial play.
Ernst Karl Falkbeer (1819-1885) born in Habsburg  Austria. Chess master and journalist. Is well known not for his individual play but for his contributions to the chess theory.
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