Easy Chess Puzzles

Easy Chess Puzzles for any beginner

Gaprindashvili vs Richtrova

Nona Gaprindashvili vs. Eliska Richtrova, Wuppertal, 1990
White to move. Mate in 2.

1r3rk1/1pnnq1bR/p1pp2B1/P2P1p2/1PP1pP2/2B3P1/5PK1/2Q4R w - - 0 1

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Blackburn vs Martin

Joseph Blackburne vs. Martin, England, 1876
Mate in 2. White to move.

1r1kr3/Nbppn1pp/1b6/8/6Q1/3B1P2/Pq3P1P/2BRR1K1 w - - 0 1

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For beginners – mate in three

Here’s a pretty simple chess puzzle to get you warmed up. White to play and mate in three

r5rk/5p1p/5R2/4B3/8/8/7P/7K w

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Think this is too easy?

This situation seems ridiculously easy. The black king is in such a dire situation that defeat is inevitable – but – can White mate in just three moves?

5B2/6P1/1p6/8/1N6/kP6/2K5/8 w

Solution & Comments

Mate in Two

White can win in just two moves. Can you find the right ones?

r1bq2r1/b4pk1/p1pp1p2/1p2pP2/1P2P1PB/3P4/1PPQ2P1/R3K2R w

Solution & Comments


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