Albert Pulitzer vs. Georg Marco

Albert Pulitzer vs Georg Marco, Vienna, 1900.

White Mates in 2.

Roll over to see the solution: 1.Re8 Bxe8 2.Qc7#

FEN: r2k2nr/pp1b1Q1p/2n4b/3N4/3q4/3P4/PPP3PP/4RR1K w - - 0 1

About the players

Albert Pulitzer (1851–1909) was Joseph Pulitzer's younger brother. Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaper publisher, is famous for the "Pulitzer Prize". The two brothers were born in Hungary and emigrated as teens to the United States.

Georg MarcoGeorg Marco (1863-1923) was an Austrian chess player. He was born in Cernăuţi in Bukovina, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then Romania and now Ukraine. He was secretary of the Vienna Chess Federation.

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  1. adeolunusi
    adeolunusi at

    Re1-e8+ Bd7xe8

  2. Nestonty390
    Nestonty390 at

    1. Re8+ Bxe8 2. Qc7#

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