Daniel Harrwitz vs. Bernhard Horwitz

This puzzle occurred in Daniel Harrwitz vs Bernhard Horwitz, London, 1846

White to move and win in 3.

FEN: 3q1r1k/2p4p/1p1pBrp1/p2Pp3/2PnP3/5PP1/PP1Q2K1/5R1R w - - 0 1

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1.Rxh7 Kxh7 2.Rh1 Kg7 3.Qh1

About the players

Daniel HarrwitzDaniel Harrwitz (1823–1884) was a German chess master. Born in Wrocław, Prussian Province of Silesia, now part of Poland, has moved to Paris. He was a great player of blindfold games.
Bernhard HorwitzBernhard Horwitz (1807–1885) was a German chess master and chess writer. He moved to London and wrote "Chess Studies" in 1851, a study in End Games.

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  1. Santosh Gulivindala at

    1. Rh1xh7 Kh8xh7
    2. Rf1-h1 Kh7-g7
    3. Qd2-h6

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