Karl Gilg vs. Aaron Nimzowitsch

Karl Gilg vs Aaron Nimzowitsch, Semmering tournament, 1926. Black wins in 3.

FEN: 4rrk1/pppb4/7p/3P2pq/3Q4/2P3P1/PP3nKP/R3RNN1 b - - 0 1

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...1.Bh3 Nxh3 2.Qf3 Kg8 3.Nxh3 #

About the players

Karl Gilg (1901–1981) was a German chess International Master, born in Mankovice, Czechoslovakia.
Aron NimzowitschAron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935) was a Russian-Danish chess Grandmaster and chess writer. He was born in Riga, as then Latvia was part of the Russian Empire. He is considered one of the most important chess players and his influence is still felt today.

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  1. Claude at

    Kg8 should be Kg1
    …1.Bh3 Nxh3 2.Qf3 Kg1 3.Nxh3 #
    …1.Bh3 Nxh3 2.Qf3 Kg1 3.Qh1 #

  2. Santosh at

    1. Bd7-h3 Ng1xh3
    2. Qh5-f3 Kg2-g1
    3. Qf3-h1

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