Alexander Flamberg vs. Oldrich Duras

This is the end game between Alexander Flamberg and Oldrich Duras from their meeting at Opatija in 1912. Duras, with the black pieces, obtains a victory against Flamberg just in two. Can you figure out his strategy?

Roll over to see the solution: 1... Bf5+ 2. Kc3 Qe3#

FEN: r1b3k1/ppp3pp/8/3pB3/1P1P4/3K1P2/PP1n1q1P/R2Q3R b - - 0 1

About the players

Alexsander FlambergAlexander Davidovich Flamberg (1880-1926). Born in Warsaw he spent the early years in England where he has learned to play chess. After his return in Warsaw he become one of the strongest Polish chess player.
Oldrich DurasOldrich Duras (1882-1957) was a Czech chess masterawarder by FIDE, in 1950, with the title of International Grandmaster for his activity. Known as a chess composer, the  Duras Gambit is well known in the chess studies.

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  1. mahesh c sharma
    mahesh c sharma at

    2. Kd3-c3 Qf2-e3#

  2. Calebm3
    Calebm3 at

    Very Simple. Took me 13s, first try.

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