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          Problem Chess The Art and Magic on the Chessboard

          Problem Chess: Art and Magic on the Chess Board (book review)

          Gambit Publications published Problem Chess: Art and Magic on the Chess Board by Göran Forslund. Forslund died in September 2015, just before the publication of this print edition. Previously, this Gambit title was available only in an electronic format. More 🡢

          Modern chess opening repertoire for white

          Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for White

          Gambit Publications published Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for White by International Master James Rizzitano. More 🡢

          Alexey Root receives trophy from Director Tom Crane

          Chess Research: Monetary Awards for University Students

          The Chessable Research Awards promote chess research by undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty research sponsors. Chessable plans three cycles per year of monetary awards. Applications for the first cycle are open until October 1, 2022. Chessable is also known for spaced repetition, which is a helpful technique for memorizing chess openings. More 🡢

          WIM Alexey Root

          Fighting Draws in Texas Chess Games

          On behalf of the Alliance Chess Club, Louis A. Reed Jr. organized and directed the Fifth Annual Queen City of the Prairie Open and Fort Worth Championship on July 16–17, 2022. I scored five draws out of five rounds, a performance that cost me US Chess and FIDE rating points. Surprisingly, with 2.5 out of 5 points, I won the first expert prize. Four of my five draws were “fighting” draws, taking most of my energy and almost all my time too. More 🡢

          Ding Liren

          Do favorites win World Chess Championship qualifiers?

          Earlier in this World Chess Championship cycle was the 2021 World Cup. Its top two finishers earned spots in the 2022 FIDE Candidates Tournament. To pair its single elimination matches, the World Cup ranks each of its participants by their chess ratings. Thus, the World Cup provides data for the question, “Do ratings favorites win World Chess Championship qualifiers?” More 🡢

          Ian Nepomniachtchi

          Greatest World Chess Champion of All Time?

          How to judge which world chess champion is the greatest of all time? One might look at the number of years that the champion held the title, inflation-adjusted peak rating, dominance over peers, or abilities as a chess ambassador. Another criterion, adopted by this article, is how many different challengers has each world chess champion faced. More 🡢