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Ivanchuk vs Dorfman

Ivanchuk vs Dorfman, Cap d’Agde, 1998
White mate in 3.

4rk2/p5p1/1p2P2N/7R/nP5P/5PQ1/b6K/q7 w - - 0 1

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Addicks vs Gujdev

Johannes Addicks vs. Mladen Gudjev, Prague, 1931
Mate in 3. White to move.

r1b1r1kq/pppnpp1p/1n4pB/8/4N2P/1BP5/PP1PQPP1/R3K2R w KQ - 0 1

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Liao vs Daly

Jo-Kai Liao vs Colm Daly, Tromsoe, 2014
Black mates in 2.

4k2r/1q1p1pp1/p3p3/1pb1P3/2r3P1/P1N1P2p/1PP1Q2P/2R1R1K1 b k - 0 1

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Lasker vs Marshall

Emanuel Lasker vs Frank Marshall, St Petersburg, 1914
Mate in 3. White to move.

1k1r4/3b1p2/QP1b3p/1p1p4/3P2pN/1R4P1/KPPq1PP1/4r2R w - - 0 1

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Petrosian vs Tomic

Tigran Petrosian vs. Dragoslav Tomic, Vinkovci, 1970
Mate in 2. White to move.

Q7/2r2rpk/7p/7N/3PpN2/1p2P3/1K4R1/5q2 w - - 0 1

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Paulsen vs Blachy

Louis Paulsen vs. Blachy, New York, 1857
Mate in 2. White to move.

1rb4r/pkPp3p/1b1P3n/1Q6/N3Pp2/8/P1P3PP/7K w - - 0 1

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