Richard Reti vs. Saviely Tartakower

White mates in 3 in a daring maneuver. Richard Reti vs Saviely Tartakower, Vienna 1910.

FEN: rnb1kb1r/pp3ppp/2p5/4q3/4n3/3Q4/PPPB1PPP/2KR1BNR w - - 0 1

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1.Qd8 Kxd8 2.Bg5 Ke8 3.Rd8#

About the players

Richard RetiRichard Réti (1889–1929) was a Jewish Slovak Austro-Hungarian chess Grandmaster and chess author. He composed many endgame puzzles and he set a world record for blindfold chess.
Saviely TartakowerSaviely Tartakower (1887–1956) was a Polish-French chess Grandmaster, chess journalist and author. He was Chess Champion in Poland for two years.

4 Responses

  1. chayan agrawal at

    1. Qd3-d8 Ke8xd8
    2. Bd2-g5 Kd8-e8
    3. Rd1-d8

    1. john francis at

      Slightly different route, still white# in 3:

      1. Qd3-d8 Ke8xd8
      2. Bd2-g5 Kd8-c7
      3. Bg5-d8

  2. Fareez at

    1. Qd8+ Kxd8 2. Bg5++ Ke8 3. Rd8#

  3. Fareez at

    I think it is the best ++ in chess history.

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