I purchased SparkChess but I still see the free version when I play

You’re probably launching the free version by mistake. Don’t worry, it happens.

Let’s review the possibilities:

  • if you purchased SparkChess for PC or Mac, you no longer need to play the game in your browser. You must locate the downloaded game and install it on your computer. Use CTRL+J / CMD+J from your browser to see the Download History and look for a file containing the word “sparkchess”, e.g. sparkchess17setup.exe on PC or sparkchess17.zip on Mac.
  • If you subscribed to Premium Live to play in your browser, you no longer need to access www.sparkchess.com – instead you must open the premium site at premium.sparkchess.com to login.
  • On Android and IOS, pay attention to the game icons and names. They are called differently, the full version is “SparkChess Pro”.