How do I add or save PGN files on iOS?

SparkChess uses iTunes to add, save and delete PGN files from your iPhone or iPad.

On iOS, each app has its own separate Documents Folder. The files saved in those folders are accessible by iTunes. SparkChess can import and export PGN files to its own folder.

To add PGN files on your iOS device or to save a PGN file from the iOS device to your computer, open iTunes, click on the iPhone/iPad button at the top to connect to your device, then click on Apps. ¬†From the Apps tab, look at the File Sharing section. There are two panels there. Choose SparkChess from the left panel; on the right panel you’ll see SparkChess’ Documents (if any). To add a new PGN, click on “Add File…” button and select a PGN file from your computer. To save a file from the iOS device to your computer, select a PGN from the right panel a click on “Save to…” button. To delete a PGN file from your iPhone/iPad, right-click on the desired file from the right panel and choose Delete.

When you’re done, don’t forget to click on the Sync button at the bottom of the page!

Check out this video showing how to use iTunes to manage SparkChess PGN files.

In SparkChess, click on Replay and then on the Import or Export¬†icons to load and save PGN files in the game’s Documents Folder.