How do I create a team?

Creating teams is only possible in SparkChess Premium (paid version).

  1. Once you log in to multiplayer and enter a Playing Area, you’ll see the invitation window with a couple of buttons at the bottom. Click/tap on the Teams button
  2. This will bring up a team list. At the bottom of the list there’s a Create button. Click/tap it. Note: The button is disabled if you’ve already created a team or joined an existing team. You must first exit a team to create a new one!
  3. Upon clicking Create, you’ll be presented with a very short form. Just enter the team name, a description, and optionally the URL of a website (if your team has a website, Facebook page, Twitter page, or something similar). The time control settings are explained explained separately.
  4. Click Save. Your form will be submitted for approval by the SparkChess team. Teams are usually approved in less than one business day. You cannot make any changes until your team is approved.