Downloading and installing

Are you interested in downloading SparkChess for PC, Mac, iOS or Android? Have you encountered any issue? Most users can download and start playing chess right away, but just in case you’re having some problems, check this section.

I bought the game, but I didn’t receive an email or download link. What should I do?

Most likely the email sent to you was flagged as spam by your mail server or email application. Please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you can’t find it, please contact us. We’ll do our best to reply to you within two business days and will send you the game.

I’m on Linux – is SparkChess available for me?

Currently we do not have a native Linux version as there’s just not enough interest. SparkChess Premium Live is available on all operating systems that support modern browsers. Please contact us if you require SparkChess as a Linux app and we may reconsider.

What platforms does your chess game work on?

SparkChess is available as a native app on:

In addition, SparkChess Premium Live will run in any modern browser, regardless of platform.

I want to play the game without opening the browser, like a normal program; is that possible?

Yes. SparkChess is available as a standalone application on many platforms.