Viswanathan Anand vs. Magnus Carlsen at World Chess Championship 2013


Round 4 – November 13 – Draw

Another amazing fight – do not be fooled by the result. The struggle between Anand and Carlsen is a sight to behold, with complex positions and optimal moves (as suggested by the top chess engines).

Carlsen had the control for most of the game, Anand had some excellent moves. Anand conceded that “I made one illogical move after the next. I missed something with 18.Ne2 and then… I’m just basically lost“.

Armand Niculescu

Armand Niculescu is a full-stack developer and creator of SparkChess. He has two BDs in engineering and marketing and a MSc in Management. He's been programming since the age of 12 and he also loves design, photography, and - obviously - chess.