Viswanathan Anand vs. Magnus Carlsen at World Chess Championship 2013


Former World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, fought to defend his title against Magnus Carlsen.

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The games are annotated by Mark Crowther – used with permission.

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Round 1 – November 9 – Draw

A relatively “boring” first game, with only 16 moves in one hour and a half of gameplay. The game started with a Réti opening continues into Fianchetto Grunfeld. After 13 moves, Anand saw the opportunity for repetition, forcing a draw.
1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. d4 c6 5. O-O Nf6 6. b3 O-O 7. Bb2 Bf5 8. c4 Nbd7 9. Nc3 dxc4 (9… Ne4) 10. bxc4 Nb6

{[pgndiagram]“It developed kind of fast. 10…Nb6 is a rather sharp idea basically forcing the play straight away.” – Anand}

11. c5 Nc4 12. Bc1

{Carlsen spent around 12 minutes here. “12.Bc1 was a bit of a surprise.” – Anand.}

(12. Qb3

{“To be honest I expected 12..Qb3 although after 12…Be6 black is probably doing fine. ” – Anand}

Be6 13. Qc2 Bf5 14. Qb3

{is a possible repetition here.})

12… Nd5 $1

(12… Ne4

{Wagner,F (2249)-Aring,G (2205) Gerlingen 2011 is at least equal for black.})

13. Qb3

{“After 13.Qb3 I can force this draw.” Anand.}

(13. Qe1 $2 Nb4 $1 {

“is even getting very unpleasant for white.” Anand.}

(13… Nc7 {is also good.}))

13… Na5

{Anand decided to repeat because he didn’t see any real advantage in the complications of 13…b5.}

(13… b5 $5

{would have led to some reasonably interesting tactics.}

14. cxb6

{“14.cxb6 is what I thought he would play.” Anand.}

(14. a4 $5)

14… Na5 15. Qb2 axb6 (15… Qxb6 {is quite interesting.} 16. e4 Nxc3 17. exf5)

16. Ne5

{“Ne5 I thought is keeping the balance reaonably well.” – Anand.}

(16. e4 $5 {may be better.} Nxc3 17. exf5 Bxd4 18. Bh6))

14. Qa3 Nc4 15. Qb3 Na5 16. Qa3 Nc4

{[pgndiagram]1hr 8 mins vs 1hr 21 mins.}