Mate in 2 chess puzzles

Play and solve mate-in-two-moves chess puzzles. You’ll find solutions and historical details and you can play each puzzle live against the computer.

Boikhutso Mudongo vs. Karolina Olsarova

Boikhutso Mudongo vs Karolina Olsarova, Tromsoe.

Black to move and mate in 2.

4r1k1/5ppp/pp6/2pp4/3b2bq/BQN5/PPP2PPP/5RK1 b - - 0 1

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Jo-Kai Liao vs. Colm Daly

Jo-Kai Liao vs Colm Daly, Tromsoe, 2014

Black mates in 2.

4k2r/1q1p1pp1/p3p3/1pb1P3/2r3P1/P1N1P2p/1PP1Q2P/2R1R1K1 b k - 0 1

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Tigran Petrosian vs. Tomic

Tigran Petrosian vs. Dragoslav Tomic, Vinkovci, 1970.

Mate in 2. White to move.

Q7/2r2rpk/7p/7N/3PpN2/1p2P3/1K4R1/5q2 w - - 0 1

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Luis Paulsen vs. Blachy

Louis Paulsen vs. Blachy, chess puzzle from a simul that took place in New York, 1857.

Mate in 2. White to move.

1rb4r/pkPp3p/1b1P3n/1Q6/N3Pp2/8/P1P3PP/7K w - - 0 1

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Joseph Blackburne vs. Martin

Chess puzzle from a simul (probably): Joseph Blackburne vs. Martin, England, 1876.

Mate in 2. White to move.

1r1kr3/Nbppn1pp/1b6/8/6Q1/3B1P2/Pq3P1P/2BRR1K1 w - - 0 1

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Gregor Podkriznik vs. Mohamed Gassouma

Medium difficulty puzzle, mate in 2, white to move.

1r6/4b2k/1q1pNrpp/p2Pp3/4P3/1P1R3Q/5PPP/5RK1 w

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