Mate in Two

White can win in just two moves. Can you find the right ones?

FEN: r1bq2r1/b4pk1/p1pp1p2/1p2pP2/1P2P1PB/3P4/1PPQ2P1/R3K2R w

Roll over to show the solution:
1.Qh6 Kxh6 2.Bxf6#


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  1. rohith
    rohith at

    very easy puzzles give hard one

    1. tushar agrawal
      tushar agrawal at

      1. Bh4-g3 Rg8-h8
      2. Ke1-e2 Rh8xh1
      3. Ra1xh1 Kg7-g8
      4. Qd2-h6 Ba7-d4
      5. Qh6-h8

  2. Harry Reasinger
    Harry Reasinger at

    You gotta love the queen sacrfice.

  3. Santosh Gulivindala
    Santosh Gulivindala at

    1. Qd2-h6 Kg7xh6
    2. Bh4xf6

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