Mate in Three with a Promotion

An interesting puzzle composed by Niels Høeg in 1905 and featuring promotions: White can mate (win) in three moves. Can you find the right solution?

FEN: 8/R7/4kPP1/3ppp2/3B1P2/1K1P1P2/8/8 w

Roll over to show the solution:
1.f7 e5xd4 2.f7-f8=B Kf6 3.Ra6

About the author

Nils HoegNiels Høeg (1876-1951) was a Danish chess puzzle composer.

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  1. emmanuel at

    Another variation is:

    1. f7 Kf6
    2. f7-f8=N e5xd4
    3. Rf7

    Still mate in 3.

  2. moaz at

    f6-f7 e5xd4
    2. f7-f8=B Ke6-f6
    3. Ra7-a6

  3. weber at

    1. f7 Kd6
    2. f8=Q+ Kc6 (Ke6)
    3. Qc5(Qe7)

  4. Garry at

    f7 e5xf4
    f7-f8=R Kd6

  5. Mubasher Baig at

    1. Bd4xe5 d5-d4
    2. Kb3-c4

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