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The SparkChess AI chess engine features NegaMax, Alpha-Beta Pruning, Aspiration Window, Iterative Deepening, Time Management, Principal Variation, Quiescence, Transposition Tables, History Heuristics, Null moves, Eval Pruning, Killer Moves, Late Moves Reduction, Razoring, Opening Books.

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        Heart in San Francisco

        Walder,Michael vs Melville,Cailen J

        The song “I left my heart in San Francisco” fits the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club. Chess players who have visited the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club once yearn to return to it; those lucky enough to live in San Francisco visit it often. In this article, I reminisce about my first visit to San Francisco and then share an exciting game from the third round of the Max Wilkerson Memorial Tuesday Night Marathon.

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        Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

        On January 11, 2020, I gave my annual simultaneous chess exhibition at the Flower Mound Public Library. 77 people attended in this fourth year of the event, with 32 lined up and waiting at the door for the 2 p.m. start of the exhibition. I began by playing against 10 players. As players finished, they were replaced with the next names on the waiting list. Two hours later, I had played 20 games, finishing with 18 wins, one draw, and one loss.

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        Better than Others

        Before his convincing display of Rapid chess against challenger Fabiano Caruana in the tie-breaks of the 2018 World Championship Match, Magnus Carlsen had won the World Rapid Championship two times (2014, 2015). On December 28, 2019, Carlsen won his third World Rapid Championship title. In this article, I will briefly discuss Carlsen being “better than the others” and then segue into what to do, according to one chess author, if you out-rate your opponent in a chess game.

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        From Chess Player to Chess Advocate

        Nigel Short

        Having achieved notable chess-playing results, many prominent chess players switch from chess playing to advocating for chess. In this article, WIM Alexey Root shares her own journey from chess player to chess advocate.

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        Svetozar Gligorić Transatlantic Cup: UT Dallas wins for second year in a row


        Just this month, FIDE, the World Chess Federation, announced the creation of the Svetozar Gligorić Fair Play Trophy Award. According to the FIDE announcement, Svetozar Gligorić was known for respecting his opponents, famously stating that he played against the chess pieces, not the man. The Svetozar Gligorić Fair Play Trophy Award recognizes a chess player who exhibits fairness, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, tolerance, and care.

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        London Chess Conference

        Judit Polgar

        Participants from more than 50 countries are expected for the 2019 London Chess Conference, coming up November 30-December 1. There is still time to register. The day after the conference ends, the London Chess Classic begins. The London Chess Classic features some of the best chess players in the world, headlined by the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

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